31 Days of Potential in January ….

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On this 7th day of January, with one week of the New Year behind us, we reflect on the discussion of gratitude, blessings and the value of moments to be found in the 31 Days of December and recognize that there is even greater value in the potential that exists in the 31 days of January.

A New Year, A New Month, A New Day and A New Moment to begin to put into place the plan that will help you to achieve the goals, dreams, visions and desires that you spoke only a few short days ago as the ball dropped and the clock chimed 12:01a.m. January 1st 2014. This is an opportunity to clean the slate, to start anew. What is it that you will do to start anew in 2014? 31 Days

We at The WAY to Healthy Living have helped many individuals to put their dreams to action for both personal and professional success and would like to start the New Year’s blog with a little help for you by releasing our newest free printable, New Year New You 2014. This printable, along with a few simple reflections below should be a great start.

Beginning today, utilize our printable or even a journal, and start putting your action together by asking these questions…

New Year New You 2014

New Year New You 2014

1) What is that I would like to see for 2014 and how will I name that year? Is the name positive or negative? If negative, how can I create a more positive name for my year?

2) Are my reflections realistic? If they seem far out there, what are some obtainable goals that I can reach for in the bigger picture? (All things are possible with the right plan)

3) What is my action plan for obstacles, support, and most importantly helping others along The WAY?

“It does not matter the past that you have, nor does it matter the future you gain, what matters is this very moment in which you shall decide for it to be yours.”-SUglow

Particular gratitude is extended to all our readers, as well as to Graphitti Creations for always helping us to create fun and visionary tools to share along The WAY to Healthy Living.

Hoping you will join us as we explore more tips for maximizing your potential in January 2014! Many blessings to you on this productive day, Selina