5 Smart Ways to Shop for a Weight Loss Program

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5 Smart Ways to Shop for a Weight Loss Program

As the medical community becomes a big player in the reported   $50 Billion Dollar Weight Loss industry,  individuals are more confused than ever where to turn to when seeking out a weight loss solution.  Regardless of the almost  $30 Billion Dollar increase since 2012, the success rates don’t seem to be getting any better.

Take into account the consistent reporting through the years that only 5% of individuals actually maintain success and even more astonishing recent research showing that the same may hold true for those that put their health at risk with  surgical interventions, one might begin to wonder if it isn’t a losing battle.

Without before and after images that distort the truth, without a miracle cure to your problems and most importantly without asking you to endure months of rigorous exercise, I would like to share 5 Smart Ways to Shop for a Weight Loss Program.

First let’s be clear.

  • For almost a decade and a half I struggled with weight, at one point in my life weighing a whopping 248#

  • For approximately the last decade, I have become one of the 5% that has been able to maintain success

  • I am not exactly where I want to be; but it is by choice, I am healthy, and I continue to work at healthy living every day

  • I haven’t found the secret, but I have found the solution and share it with others as a Wellness Coach

  • There is no shortcut, no secret and definitely no magic pill, it begins with YOU and what YOU ARE WILLING TO DO

 If you want success, finding what is right for you is a bit of a process.  So let’s begin.

  1. Investigate the results
    Remember, weight loss is a big dollar business so everyone is competing to entice you with the most amazing results you have ever seen.  Don’t be blinded by eagerness for great loss, in reality order to work it most likely will require work from you.  SEO and Internet companies are paid to push the information to the top of the search so be certain to look beyond the initial results in Google for your answers.  At times the best places to go are consumer reports, lawsuit searches and bloggers who want to share the truth about their misconceptions.
  2. Make sure you are ready for the Investment
    Do you really know what you have gotten yourself into and more importantly what will be needed to maintain the end result?  Are you ready for the commitment?  It isn’t just about finances.  It is a time investment.  The last thing you want to do when embarking on a weight loss journey is to set yourself up to feed the negative emotions that brought you to the decision for change.  Be fully informed, financially, physically and mentally for the undertaking.  Instead of asking, “How much weight can I lose?”, ask “What will it take to keep it off?”  There is nothing worse than remembering a success you once had and then returning to the “fat clothes” you kept just in case.  (by the way, if they are too big, throw them out.  If done right, you shouldn’t need them again anyway 😉
  3. Understand the commitment in comparison to the reality of your life schedule
    The latest programs are offering results in as little as 21 days.  Seems simple enough right?  Before you sign on, take the time to really examine your calendar, your work schedule, your family calendar and identify any obstacles to being able to commit 100% to the program.  After all the assumption is that you want the amazing results in the photo, correct?  Most programs that delineate activity and restrictions require just that and more to get those results.
  4. Create realistic expectations
    Once you have done the first three steps, it is a good time to “get real” with yourself.  What are you willing to commit to, what is going to be an obstacle for you and what are you actually expecting to get out of the program?  If you are only looking for weight loss numbers, then make certain that they are realistic.  Long lasting success doesn’t come from 40# in 40 days, it just isn’t realistic.  Quite honestly setting yourself up for 1-2# per week is the healthiest approach.  If you lose more you have more to celebrate.  Most often individuals who set their goals high, for example 5# per week and only lose 2# don’t even take the time to celebrate the loss of 2#.  If you really want to continue to be motivated, you should celebrate every step along The WAY, even the ones that take you backwards.
  5. Are you willing to make it a lifestyle?
    Any change worth making should be a change worth keeping.  If you are willing to drink two shakes a day, then be willing to do that for long after the program term.  Why, you might ask if you lost the desired weight.  The habits you will return to are the very habits that brought you to need change.  If you don’t address the habits, then your only other option is to continue the ones that brought you to the desired loss.  Maintenance should be the priority.

In case you are asking, “well how do you do it Selina“.  Although not always simple, I found what was going to work for me and more importantly what was sustainable in my day to day life to support a healthier lifestyle.  It took some time, much more than 21 days to experiment, address the mental stuff, find exercises that I enjoyed and most importantly to increase the value of loving myself enough to make better choices.  There is no shortcut for that but it is POSSIBLE for YOU TO DO.  You simply have to make the choice to want to.

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