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The Opportunities of October that provide Success in January 2015!

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In our “Settling into September” blog post, we highlighted several reflections on the “falls” that fall can bring to our success come January 2015.  So before you settle into the thought of hitting the stores for the latest diet book, self discovery or self help book and even consider the latest quick return program for the New Year, recognize that in front of you RIGHT NOW lies a great opportunity!  The month of OCTOBER. October is a fantastic time to take a moment and truly reflect on the stress or dissatisfaction that you might have felt last January, or maybe even several January’s before and change the course NOW. Opportunities are all around you right now to make a difference.  From fresh squash for great soups and healthy dishes to financial planning that will bring about a great Christmas without the credit card stress in January.  It’s all about what you do NOW. So today, begin by evaluating.  Really understanding where you are coming from and what habits brought you there last year. Does fall and your busy schedule create a habit of convenience or purchased meals? Do you remove fresh salad from the table and add bread to go with your warm dishes? Do you “settle” into the hopelessness of financial deficiency and just hope that you will have more money after taxes are filed to cover the cost of the holidays? Do you give in to the traditional meals learned from those before you? Do you replace shorts with sweatpants rather than fitted jeans? Is any of this sounding familiar to you? If YES, then STOP and make the change! Meal planning is essential and the beautiful thing about it is that not only does it help prevent fast food or convenience food purchases that are unhealthy for you, you can save money! Keep the salad on the table, add roasted nuts or dried fruits, or even a bit of homemade dressing.  Season it up with herbs that remind you of the spring and summer so that you have a bit of freshness on the table on a dreary day. Fill out your budget sheet and really examine your expenses.  Do you stop for that latte every morning at the gas station and what does that add up to per month?  Have you examined all of your expenses and eliminated the ones that you truly don’t need?  Have you considered utilizing an envelope system for Christmas present budgets for all of the people that you are buying for?  If you don’t have the finances, have you considered gifts in kind or replacing exchanges with a celebration together?  Traditions are wonderful but remember that you are always able to create your own family traditions moving forward! Experiment with healthier dishes, starting with the sides first so as not to shock your family members.  If you are stuck in tradition, examine your portion sizes and how well you hydrate.  Leave pop for the special occassions.  It’s the small things, not the large ones that create a sustainable habit ending in success. It is a known fact that if you spend a week in sweatpants, you are sure not to fit in your jeans.  If you are a stay at home career person, get dressed for success every morning and leave the sweatpants for Sundays and warm evenings. These are just a few tips for you to begin to realize Success as a result of Opportunity Practices in October.  Simplicity, sustainability and small changes that you can do along The WAY to Healthy Living will pay off come January 2015! The WAY to Healthy Living is a comprehensive resource for personal and professional growth in the areas of wellness, the quality of your life.  As a mobile resource, our mission is to motivate and inspire changes that will truly make the difference in your success.    ...

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The Secret Success Tool in Weight Loss

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Weight loss, the destination with many roads and more often than not, many more detours.  Yet it is still a destination and like any good destination requires some planning to get there.  Would you agree? Take a moment to reflect on a successful road trip or vacation.  Have you ever headed out without a plan?  When, Where, and How you were going to get there?  Could you have done it without one?  Would it have gone the way that you wanted it to or do you think you would have enjoyed it more had you just woke up one day and set out on your WAY?  Now granted, some of the best day trips are unplanned but a distance … that takes a little bit of preparation to ensure success at the end! Great news!  Weight Management, Loss and even gain can be achieved by using that very same tool!  I am talking REAL WEIGHT LOSS, the kind that lasts. So as promised, here is the Secret Success Tool in Weight Loss …. Meal Planning! Yes, That’s IT!  If you want to see weight come off and STAY off, this is the one very simple practice you need to incorporate into your daily life.  Plan YOUR roadmap to Success by utilizing a Meal Plan.   It doesn’t have to be complex. Maintain a flexible game plan when your “plan for cooking” goes south Inventory your kitchen first→Build your Meal Plan→Eliminate Foods you no longer wish to keep in the house→Save Money→Get HEALTHY! Involve your family and make it fun! Talking about weight loss is like dreaming about a vacation.  Until you begin to prepare the steps of where you are going with realistic weight loss goals, the road your going to take to get there and finally map it out … it will always be something to dream about.  Start today, MAKE IT REAL, create your meal plan. The WAY to Healthy Living provides simple but functional solutions for success along The WAY to optimal Wellness.  Success is the simple practice of small things day in and day out that make a difference.  Thank you for reading with us along The...

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A Different WAY to Weigh

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In line with stopping the process of “Settling into September”, let’s chat a bit about an external factor that messes with our minds.  The scale!  That evil thing that is hidden under the dust in our bathrooms and comes out just before we are about to step into our jeans for the season, as if knowing the number would make the difference in the fit! So many women I work with avoid the scale because it simply stresses them out and sends them straight back to the kitchen. What if I told you the scale can be a great friend and great habit indicator? It’s all in how you perceive the results.  When you step on, do you simply just compare the number to the last time or do you use it as an important analysis of your progress?  When you have no accountability, this tool is fantastic. So the next time you decide to pull it out and dust it off, don’t judge yourself, instead…. Ask yourself if you drank enough water yesterday? Take a moment to consider the quality of sleep that you had. Review in your mind, realistically all that you ate in the past two days AND ABSOLUTELY RESOLVE THAT THIS IS JUST A STARTING POINT SO THAT YOU CAN CREATE A PLAN TO MOVE FORWARD! Reminder:  It is just a number. But using that number can be a great self-accountability tool if you let it be! Thanks for taking some time to join us along The WAY to Healthy Living, where we motivate you to make the difference in your life both personally and professionally!  Happy...

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The Risk of Settling into September

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More often than not January arrives with the thoughts of Holiday Habits being the center of demise in anyone’s weight management journey.  However, during this time of reflection, revamping and now ramping back up with our blog for achieving optimal wellness, I have a serious consideration to share. It isn’t really a few holidays that bring about the extra pounds we so often seek guidance to lose in January.  Not at all in fact. In theory the holidays provide a good excuse, don’t they?  I, however, have determined that it is more the action of “settling into September” that truly begins the decline from any success we have had. What do I mean by “Settling into September”?  Well it is a little more sitting than moving with the colder weather coming in.  It can also bring school schedules, more time in the car and less time on the feet.  In the kitchen convenience creeps back in or we find ourselves serving up a bit more with soups and heavy laden dishes.  Comforts such as warm breads or baked goods are added.  Water is replaced with warmth in caffeinated beverages or as football reaches its swing, cold beers for all!  Any of this sounding familiar? Now it all makes sense! So as you prepare to say good-bye to September and Hello to October … keep these things in mind…. Look for fun and enjoyable replacements for summertime activities such as snowshoeing, indoor walking tracks, fall and winter hiking options in your area.  Even consider taking advantage of a local fitness resource, who at this time are often promoting savings for membership. Track your food for a week or two utilizing our free printable resource, Tracking Your WAY Through the Week and get real with yourself earlier rather than later. Research for and/or replace your “kitchen bible” or recipe resource with healthier options. Maintain good hydration throughout the cold months by considering warm lemon water daily or homemade tea. Rather than separating exercise though a “gym only mentality”, find ways to incorporate it into every day. Practice meal planning, mindful eating and be certain to get enough quality rest. Manage your stress.  Begin to prepare for the holidays now financially by creating a budget, making a list and learning to say no. Still stuck for ideas and not desiring a need for drastic changes in January … Contact us along TheWAYtoHealthyLiving@gmail.com!...

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Memorial Day Celebration in a Healthier WAY

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Memorial Day Celebration in a Healthier WAY

Summer holidays can be a delightful time spent with family, outdoor activities and best of all food dressed in mayonnaise and meat grilled to order.  I am not certain about you, but my choices are definitely ones that I remember as a kid.  What we choose today most likely comes from what we were taught growing up.  But in the spirit of change, just as food has changed, we share with you a better WAY. Our WAY is not about removing those choices, but rather incorporating some simple changes for the better.  I share these with you in today’s blog so that you too may find a healthier WAY.  Soon you will be celebrating a Memorial Day of both new and old traditions creating lasting health for years to come!  Keep it Fresh When possible use fresh ingredients.  Spices, just like fruits and vegetables have a shelf life.  If fresh is not available, take this time to consider starting your own porch herb garden for self sustainability and a fresh ingredient resource come the 4th of July.  Change it Up Have you ever tried Kale and Apples in your potato salad?  It is a great way to flavor the salad and incorporate nutrients for the picky eaters in our lives!  Take one “traditional choice” and search for a healthier option.  This reduces what I like to refer to as “food shock” for our families, encourages a different flavor in the mix and begins everyone’s journey along The WAY to Healthy Living.  Cut Liquid Calories First Pass up the soda or pop at the grocery store and consider making your own refreshing drinks.  Invest in a $20.00 drink dispenser, locate a fun recipe and try something new.  No open cans attracting bees, refreshing and tastier, plus it reduces the amount of waste.  You simply can’t go wrong!  Read labels Now is a great time to get in touch with your “dressing” options.  Begin by reading the ingredients and remove the choices that have artificial sweeteners first.  Now consider looking at fat grams per serving and sodium.  There are many ways to add flavor that can help to reduce the amount of dressings needed, check them out.  If you are on facebook, you can always refer to our collaborative healthy cooking resource, ShopChopCook for great ideas.  Don’t dress desert Summer is a great time to take advantage of the delicious and natural sweeteners found in fruit.  Consider creating a beautiful flag in a cookie tray utilizing strawberries, blueberries and white chocolate covered pretzels to add decor.  Cut up fruits are great because they are finger looking good and require fewer plates and utensils to eat.  “Grab and go” reduces the after party cleanup and waste! It’s the small, the simple and the experimental ideas that will give you the tools YOU need to encourage better health for yourself and your family along The WAY to Healthy Living.  Special gratitude is expressed to those that set out to serve, to preserve our freedom and for that exchanged the gift they had been given for the greater good.  We honor today, this Memorial Day 2014 those that sacrificed for the blessings we enjoy.  And just as we honor their lives, we honor our own by creating healthier choices for the preservation of our gift to share.  Thank you from all of us here at The WAY to Healthy Living.  Enjoy, be safe, be well....

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The morning started poorly, just couldn’t get it together and then it all became apparent.  This is a carb crash as a result of some really poor choices in diet over the course of a few days combined with an abrupt decision to return to healthy eating!  Makes perfect sense why it is so difficult to break the cycle! You see I do this thing once in awhile, much like others only they may not realize it.  It is called self sabotage.  When you have had weight management issues for most of your life and have successfully broken the cycle, every now and again you relapse.  Call it undeserving of happiness, maybe because you still see the 248# person you used to be in the mirror or very possibly it is just something that happens to get you in check, but it happens.  To most, I am certain.  The desire for foods that provide short term satisfaction to the tongue, a lot of empty calories and quite frankly do nothing more than set you up for failure returns.  And it isn’t enough to do it for just a moment, it’s generally a cycle for a few days until you catch yourself eating that second Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg in the mirror and think, “What the heck am I doing?”  Finally the realization that “tomorrow” is really just an excuse to continue doing what you should not be doing today results in an abrupt decision to stop.  AND THEN IT HAPPENS!  CARB CRASH! Carb Crash is that feeling of fatigue, headache, muscle aches, joint aches, you name it body kicking back at you for giving it a few moments with its favorite drug and then taking it away.  So today begins with a cup of coffee (generally reserved for the weekends only) and a toaster strudel.  After all, a little bit of energy and the resolution of this headache is important for an important day of speaking.  However, a quick return to healthy eating comes with good planning of fruit and almonds for the road; a packed salad lunch; grapefruit for mid afternoon energy crash and fish planned for dinner.  So if you have read and can relate, here are a few tips for you. Perfection doesn’t happen when changing from really poor habits to healthy ones and anyone who tells you they have found it is most likely neurotic. (Smiling right?) Forgive yourself for the set back, they happen.  Remember they are reminders that although we are not perfect, we are still able to make changes which is all that matters. Get in touch with the emotions or triggers that brought on the poor eating habits and address them. Stop talking about tomorrow, it isn’t happening and it IS just an excuse to avoid the changes that you need to make. Most importantly focus on what you love about yourself so you can shut down the “shitty committee” as Lois Thompson, Quantum Balance Erie that convenes in your head at times. Oh, and slow down; plan your ride; and put on your seatbelt.  No CARB CRASHING ahead!  And if you do, let me assure you that the scenery on the healthy road is absolutely fabulous! HAPPY TRAVELING ALONG THE WAY TO HEALTHY LIVING TUESDAY!...

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