About Us

Favorite QuoteMission:

Making a commitment to help others by providing positive programming and connecting with quality resources that can assist them in their health journey.

About Us:

Developed with simple tools and perspectives that can be used by individuals right where they are so that they can get where they want to be.

The WAY to Healthy Living is a comprehensive resource for ….

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Healthy Lifestyle Implementation
  • Individual or Group Programming for Positive Change
  • Medical Advocacy

The WAY to Healthy Living was developed to meet a need in the community of a growing healthcare crisis that is directly related to the “why” rather than the “how to” when it comes to optimal health and wellness.  By offering a community of resources to address the challenges in everyday life, individuals interested in change can learn simple steps for improving the quality of their lives simply by reaching out at 814.450.6841.

The WAY to Living offers simple steps and solutions that work for YOU!

The WAY to Healthy Living isn’t just about helping you lose weight, it is about helping you never find it again!  It’s about helping you find caring healthcare providers that will support your journey.  It’s about participating in programs that are engaging and fun and keep you on the path to success.  The resources that are connected to The WAY to Healthy Living will address any obstacle standing in your WAY!

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