Coaching & Advocacy your WAY

Wellness Coaching & Advocacy are two very important pieces to achieving success in a healthy journey.

Sometimes we all need a little help taking what we know and putting it into a plan that works!

The WAY to Healthy Living simplifies weight loss, healthy living and even exercise through it's programming from personal fitness classes, workshops and REAL Wellness Programming. Wellness Coach Selina Uglow & Chef Billy Kuntz are here to help you get motivated, get moving and succeed in your weight loss goals along The WAY to Healthy Living.

If you have had past injuries, are dealing with a current medical problem that inhibits you from working on your goals or simply just need to figure out which direction to head in, NO PROBLEM!

Let’s figure it out together.

Coaching & Advocacy is something I love to do simply because we could all use someone in our corner once in a while.

WARNING:  I HAVE BEEN NICKNAMED “PERPETUALLY POSITIVE” which means THAT is all you are going to get from me.  Yes, sometimes there are things we all need to hear and I will share those things with empathy and sincerity but as far as I am concerned YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A HEALTHY AND HAPPY HUMAN BEING!

So stop thinking your situation is hopeless and start setting your steps in the RIGHT DIRECTION.  Any change is good change because it helps you appreciate what changes you can create a lifestyle from.

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Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT