Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Partnership is just one of the ways that we reach out and help people achieve a different perspective along their journey to wellness.  From our perspective, and I am certain after reading, yours as well, wellness is much more than diet and exercise or healthy weight management.

Wellness by our definition is “one’s ability to engage in daily activities with a sense of peace, active ability for movement and a desire to achieve a higher level of life quality overall.”

The WAY to Healthy Living offers a variety of services to individuals seeking personal and professional development overall.  Specifically, our corporate options can support a productive workforce, positive atmosphere and ultimately better health for your employees through our ….

  • Lunch N’ Learn Sessions
  • LIVE Wellness Webinars
  • Individualized Programming & Support
  • Health Fair Presentations
  • Wellness Programming Support
  • Resources & Providers

So how do we do it?  Simple, sharing the “Bread N’ Butter of Wellness” and supporting individuals in ways to apply it where they are.  Doing this returns approximately 98% effectiveness.  The reason that it works is because it is a comprehensive focus, providing tips and tools in areas of Balance, Rest, Exercise, Attitude and Diet rather than just focusing on a segment of total health.

We stand by this conviction so much that if our presentations don’t make an impact, we will negotiate an appropriate refund for our services.  We are willing to put our money where wellness is delivered!

With astonishing statistics that report a return of $6.00 for every $1.00 spent on Corporate Wellness, this is a great time to consider an affordable and applicable resource for your company.

Call me today at 814.450.6841 to learn more about the variety of topics, numerous testimonies and the ways in which we can make Wellness Programming work for YOU along The WAY!