Sample Saturday at The Empowerment Resource Center

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YOU ARE INVITED to join us for a Complimentary Experience at The Empowerment Resource Center  ….


Saturday, October 14, 2017 10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.


Empowerment Resource Center Erie is a resource center for individuals seeking better health and wellbeing. Owned and operated by Dave and Selina Uglow. Selina Uglow, owner of The WAY to Healthy Living offers personalized coaching and fitness services to help people along The WAY. She is joined by Chef, William Kuntz of ShopChopCook to offer R.E.A.L. Wellness, a weight management workshop program that helps people lose weight and sustain their success through supportive endeavors.

Come and Experience all that is offered!


Schedule & Descriptions:


10:00A.M. Hatha Yoga with Bridget Allen in The Yurt
My name is Bridget Allen. As your yoga teacher, I aim to help you uncover kindness within yourself, help you develop gentle but unshakeable composure, show you that losing your balance is necessary for growth, and aid you to discover innate confidence. When practiced from the heart, with strong intention, this will help you live a life of purpose, clarity and joy.


As a Licensed Practical Nurse with experience in neuromuscular medicine, it is my goal as a Certified Personal Trainer to offer an individualized experience within a group setting so that each person taking my class can find their success in a fun, risk reduced and non judgemental environment.  As a coach, I love helping people see how possible simplicity can be in their own journeys.  This not only helps them achieve it promotes good health evident by the outcomes seen by my clients.  Come and experience, more importantly … ENJOY!


Yoga can be healing for the mind, body and spirit.  Valerie enjoys sharing all that she has learned in becoming a PTSD Certified Yoga Warrior with individuals interested in benefiting from a gentle and restorative approach to better health.  Any level of interest can join in to experience breathe work, asana, meditation, yoga philosophy and yoga Nidra. This class is designed for those seeking a gentle approach to self-acceptance, balance, and re-energizing their bodies. Simple join to experience!



To bring your day of self care to a close, this is a highly recommended experience.  Jessica Frombach LMT and Reiki Master will share the integrative approach to healing using sound and energy work. Journey into yourself as you experience the healing effects of Singing bowls, the DNA repair and love frequency of 528hz.  Close your day with healing sensations of sound.



Main Building Offerings throughout the DAY:


Suite 2:  15 MINUTE COACHING CONSULTATIONS:  Whether you are already on a journey or starting one, take a bit of time to get on the right track with some simple things that can be done for your private journey.  Sign up to speak with Weight Loss Professional, Selina Uglow, during your visit to our campus.  814.450.6841.


Suite 4:  Jessica Leah LMT, Live Better Professional Massage Therapy will be offering FREE chair massages as well as specials from 10a.m. – 1p.m.  Jessica specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage and Aromatherapy.  For more information or to take advantage of specials 814.790.6284


REAL Wellness Weight Loss Program will offer light refreshments that will support your health journey in the Community Education Room.  This program, co-created by Wellness Coach Selina Uglow and Chef William Kuntz offers individuals a REAL approach to obtaining a healthier figure and ultimately lifestyle.  Learn more while enjoying complimentary refreshments during your visit to The Empowerment Resource Center.


Reservations Recommended – All are Welcome to our Campus!  Text 814.450.6841 or email

Maximum capacity for each class is 25 persons so take advantage and save the day for self care.