Fitness 4 All

Let me first begin by saying that at 248# I HATED the thought of fitness, in fact moving took effort!

That is why I created an approach that could easily be deemed “Fitness 4 All”

Because it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey or what your level of activity is, Total Body Fitness challenges your muscles in dynamic movement and addresses muscular imbalances that lead to injury, pain and often times no exercise at all.

So if you are looking to achieve a goal, enhance your journey or simply just get moving again consider stepping into a Total Body Fitness class on me or contacting me for an individualized “get it in” approach.

What is “getting it in?”

You know – where you don’t make it the last thing you are going to do in the day and if the day is long it doesn’t get done at all!

Movement is exercise and many of us who need it but don’t do it comes as a result of life.

1-1 Training focuses on what you can do in your daily routine, rather than what all of the latest fads say you have to do.

So whatever you do, do a little of it today.  For yourself.

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