5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Health

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5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Health

Coming up to the the last minute and still not sure what to get?  Give Health for the Holiday Season.

Yes, that’s right, HEALTH.

The WAY to Healthy Living is unlike any other program you will find.  It isn’t a menu to follow, a meal to buy or a supplement to purchase. It can also be gifted to anyone, anywhere!

It is TRULY a coaching experience that will offer simple suggestions for your loved one’s personalized action plan to a better quality of life and thus better health!

So why consider it?

Because for $65.00 your loved one can very possibly gain more than any ornament on the tree, trinket on the shelf or yet another box of chocolates to regift can give!  

Other reasons for considering…..

  1. It won’t need dusted.
  2. It can’t be regifted back to you at a later date.
  3. The only complaint they can have is that it was easy to do.
  4. There is NO wrapping involved.
  5. It comes delivered with inspiration JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! 

So take a moment and consider a gift that will give you back tenfold in the future.  Purchase your Wellness Consultation today and receive your personalized gift certificate via email just in time for Christmas!

With two physical locations and coaching services available online, there is no reason that this won’t make a perfect gift this year.

Merry Christmas to you and those that you love! Selina