Creating Health and Happiness in the simple task of Packing your Lunch

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Creating Health and Happiness in the simple task of Packing your Lunch

With statistics stating 60% of the population purchase a commercially prepared lunch at least once per week and 1/4 of those people go on to repeat that 4 more times in the week, it is not difficult to see why individuals who struggle with weight can’t get ahead.   Instead of seeking out the latest supplement, drink or way in which you can drop the unwanted pounds, take control and take the time today to pack your own lunch.

Yes, it is that simple.  Pack your own lunch.

When you start your wellness journey with breakfast and sustain it with lunch, day by day you will improve your journey along The WAY!  There are a few things you should consider when planning this new strategy for weight management and even loss.


If you desire change, you must commit to it atleast part of the way.  So if you find yourself in the store, searching the isle for prepackaged lunch items, do yourself a favor and go back to buying your “healthy lunch” at the local diner.  It isn’t about “fitting it in”, it has to be about “getting it in.”  Grocery day is a great time to set aside not only for putting groceries away but preparing and packing the snacks, fruits or veggies for the week.  Wash your fruits and veggies and then cut them up immediately.  In the end taking time will save you the time later.


If you are paying attention to the media surrounding healthy choices, the biggest statement out there right now is the fact that we aren’t getting enough fruits and veggies.  Get a little more by adding cucumber, green peppers, olives, lettuce, tomato or other favorites to your turkey sandwich instead of dressings for flavor.  Open up the spice cupboard and sprinkle added flavor, leaving the dressings behind.  Added flavor and added health with a little bit more planning with go a long WAY.


If you have begun to take our advice and cook more dinners at home, plan to cook a little more or skip the left overs for tomorrow.  Instead of “finishing up” what’s left, pack it for tomorrow.  Add a piece of fruit or some veggies with a fruit based dip and enjoy a healthy meal tomorrow.  Pack it tonight so that the only thing you have to do on the way out the door is open the fridge.  Time saved, money saved, health saved!  Win! Win!


Meal planning applies to all meals of the day, not just dinner.  When considering your week, combine your work into other meals.  Salsa chicken at night can lead to a delicious and healthy breakfast combo.  When selecting your meal choices for dinner, look at the week and consider where the left overs will help reduce the stress of a bus-y-ness.


Not low fat, but lean.  Choose leaner lunch meats if that is your choice.  Wrap it in lettuce instead of bread or choose a dense grain bread.  Make a sandwich out of yesterdays meatloaf or create a healthy chicken salad with fruit and nuts dressed on lettuce or grains.  Experiment but always have a back up so that you don’t ditch a bad lunch choice for no lunch at all.


Flavor, everyone wants flavor.  Washing down your food with a diet soda will counter all of your efforts so skip it!  Choose instead a fresh slice of orange in a tall glass of water, an infuser for fruit flavor or a tall green tea.  Consider the calories in your choice of drinks and be certain that you aren’t countering all of your efforts.


Making the decision to commit to a timeframe of at least two weeks for planning, packing and following through.  Instead of seeking success on the scale, feel it in how your clothes fit.  This will be the best judge of your choices.


If you know it is going to be a busy day or maybe you just need a reminder, consider including a visual in your lunch or that of your family members.  Write a note such as “Thank You” or “I Love you” or “Have a Happy Day.”  Get silly with it, but throw it in your lunch bag.  By mid day when your break happens, it should bring you that needed smile.  It is kind of like buying flowers for yourself, only cheaper and easier!

Follow a few of these tips, challenge yourself to take care of your body and leave guilt behind for the holidays!

Success to YOU along the WAY – Selina

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