Loving Yourself in February

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Loving Yourself in February

Here’s a great thought to focus on, Loving Yourself in February!

The other day while strolling through Facebook I came across a few memes that really infuriated me.  Here were beautiful and intelligent women posting about what “they would not be receiving” this Valentine’s Day or asking for a declaration of love.  The picture of course including chocolates, jewelry, stuffed animals and flowers.

Why did that anger me so much?

Well, here you have some really great people missing the big picture!  There is no value in any of those things, nor the focus on not having them.  Those things, NOT ONE OF THEM, bring about love, loyalty and respect from an individual.  In fact the more you focus on WHAT you are getting instead of WHO you are getting in a relationship, the greater the chance that one day you will wake up and think to yourself “what the hell DID I get?!”  (Sorry guys)

This reflection brought me to a greater share and the inspiration for this post.  Maybe this month would be a great month to use to focus less on the 14th of February and more on the idea of Self-Love.  We all could use a little bit more self love in our lives, regardless of age or status, or even gender.  So on the other side of the reflection, here are a few suggestions for February in hopes that you will worry less about a day and more about yourself.

Get Organized.  Do some of those things you have been meaning to do that cause you guilt.

Schedule a Massage.  Just because.

Call an Old Friend.  Reconnect with yourself through your friendships.

Plan a Date with Yourself.  When was the last time you bought flowers for yourself?  Sat in a movie theatre yourself?  Cooked yourself a meal you would make for a guest?  Or just shut your phone off and read or a book or took a nap?  Date doesn’t have to mean spending money, just means you focus on self time.

Change your Internal Dialogue.  Become mindful of how you talk to yourself and make it more positive for the entire month.  You will be surprised at what a change this can bring!

List your expectations.  Write down all of your expectations from those you work with, live with and maybe even don’t see that often.  Evaluate them.  Are they realistic?  Are they known?  Where do they come from?  Could you give what you are expecting?  Is it time to change some of those?

Get moving.  Exercise is the only known factor to improve health that you have complete control over.  Love yourself enough to do it.

Eat better.  Don’t starve yourself or start a crazy diet.  Just start reading what you are allowing to become a part of your body and make some better choices.

Doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or take a lot of courage to do.  Well maybe a little bit of courage.  Whatever you do, consider this.  No one can give you better what you can yourself, particularly in the area of love.  Placing so much importance on something outside of yourself is only going to lead to heartache.  What you are, you attract, so love yourself and you will be surprised at what comes your way!

Happy Loving yourself a Little Better in February!  Selina