Magic Number 15

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Magic Number 15

I continue to be excited about celebrating a recent inspirational success of one of our clients.  She has achieved several goals in the last 10 months and continues on; dropping from a size 32 to a size 22 jean!  No shakes, no supplements, no crazy diets or burpees … simply by making better choices than she had been when we met her along The WAY to Healthy Living.

How, you might wonder.  Well it wasn’t all exercise, in fact she works out twice per week.  This alone provided the inspiration for today’s topic.

Magic Number 15!

Only 15% of efforts that lead to weight loss success are attributed to exercise.

15 is an average number of pounds people desire to lose.

15 extra miles per day on average added to your walking routine can result in 3 pounds of weight loss per week.

When we met her, 15 is the number of meals that this young lady purchased out Monday through Friday.

The WAY to Healthy Living provides simple solutions for wellness.

Simple Steps = Success

So what’s the magic about it?  

It is a small investment to devote to yourself in the entirety of a day.  When made, it provides results.  The other 945 minutes can be spent doing what you have always done minus the change.

15, begin today.  Start with one, commit to doing it every day.  Try it on for a few weeks and then come back for another.

15 Minutes of exercise can make the difference.

15 Minutes of meditation for solidarity and clarity will change your attitude.

15 Minutes spent in the morning preparing breakfast and packing your lunch.

15 Minutes of additional walking.

15 Minutes to prepare a meal.

15 Minutes spent doing something you enjoy.

15 Minutes of laughter a day.

15 Minutes of buffer between appointments.

15 Minutes less of TV or Computer time.

15 Minutes less of sitting.

15 Minutes less of negative talking.

Where does YOUR 15 fit?  Impossible, not at all.

“What works won’t be what hurts, it will be what lasts.”-SUglow

Thank you for joining us along The WAY.  We are a comprehensive approach to Wellness.  It isn’t necessarily what you eat or do that makes the difference for you, it is understanding the WHY and then appreciating HOW you would like to make the CHANGE along THE WAY TO HEALTHY LIVING.