Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT


Life is a journey, and obstacles are meant to be jumped! Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT has overcome many obstacles in her life and shares her high energy as a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach. Her goal is to empower individuals to embrace the possibilities of today.

Selina was born to two young parents who separated early in her life, consequently, she moved from place to place with her mother. Her life experiences not only taught her how to adjust and be flexible but helped build the foundation for the positive and compassionate individual she is today. She attributes much of her attitude to the big hearted family and many friends throughout her life.

At age 29, mother of three, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and names the gratitude for this diagnosis as her ability to truly live life today.  In December of 2012, she had the honor of graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Sports Management & Wellness. However, attaining her college degree is not her proudest accomplishment, it is that she graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with her oldest son.  She went on to obtain her Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

She has overcome the odds and shares with others the motivation that they can do the same. Broadening her passion for helping others, she sought out the help of two partners, a Physical Therapist and an individual who specializes in Rehabilitation for Eating Disorders and Self Mutilation to form The WAY to Healthy Living.  As an individual she provides group training, individualized programming and day-to-day coaching for those looking to obtain a better quality of life both personally and professionally.  As a company they provide various resources to groups and individuals including motivation, teaching and enabling proper movement, and being a resource for addressing the mental barriers that can prevent optimal wellness.