REAL Experience for Healthcare Professionals

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REAL Experience for Healthcare Professionals

Announcing a R.E.A.L. Experience designed for Healthcare Professionals!

If you work in an industry designed to promote better health, whether medical or therapeutic, this is a program you are going to want to attend!

Come and experience the best kept secret in Erie when it comes to better health.  Together we will show you how the “diet mentality” can be destroyed and results can last.  Life takes each and everyone away from caring for ourselves, R.E.A.L. Wellness leads you back and supports you to success!  If you yourself have tried and failed at obtaining a healthier lifestyle or are seeking better quality resources for your clients, it’s time to learn about this program.  The priority of balance and self care are made simple.  Come and learn what you will want to share!

R.E.A.L. Wellness Experience for Healthcare Professionals (even retired folks!) is a full experience of the 6-week program built for you in a day.  You will learn cooking techniques for cross utilization, variety, time efficiency and most of all flavor to satisfy.  The reason that diet programs fail is that people are TOLD how to lose weight, NOT TAUGHT.  Be the example, experience the approach we guarantee you WILL RECOMMEND!  There is a reason that Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Programs are teaching physicians to cook, however, who has time for that?!  We will show you and share with you resources that incorporate those great principles without additional workload.

We want to help you help others, if you work in a field that supports the betterment of health, you aren’t going to want to miss this!

Cost Savings, Health Savings, KNOWLEDGE!  Sign up today for the Discounted Rate of $159.00 and experience R.E.A.L. Wellness for yourself with an additional bonus of taking resources for your clients with you!