R.E.A.L. Wellness

R.eal Food – E.xercise – A.ccounability – L.ifestyle



R.E.A.L. Wellness is a weight management program that combines coaching and cooking to help people achieve the results they are looking for without crazy diets to follow or workouts that hurt their bodies. Coach Selina Uglow and Chef Billy offer this program over the course of seven weeks.

Practical Nurse and Certified Personal Trainer, Selina Uglow joined forces with Chef William Kuntz of ShopChopCook to create a program that offers simple steps instead of sacrifices that teach you how to live healthy.

No more short term efforts like meal replacements, supplements, crazy exercises or deprivation!

Just good old fashioned cooking, awareness, exploration and SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS!

So get started today by taking a “Mini Session” or by Signing up for R.E.A.L. Wellness and committing to yourself.

The time is NOW!

What others are saying …..

“The REAL program was a wonderful experience.  The personal individualized attention had me focused on my health and potential for change.  I made progress in many areas of my life.  My relationship with food and my body improved. ” – Karen McGrath

I was hesitant at first thinking no way would this work.  But to my surprise, I’m working out and changing my cooking habit.  I need to truly tell everyone THANK YOU!  You have given me the tools to change my life to a healthier me!” – Robyn Dhali