FREE printables along the WAY

Free Printables

Resources along The WAY to Healthy Living

Created for your exclusive personal use, these downloads are to inspire and/or assist you along your WAY to Healthy Living!

Please feel free to open and print them as often as you need.

We encourage you to share and all that we ask is that you give credit to our site so that our graphics partner and I are appropriately recognized for the ideas and talents shared.

Thank you and ENJOY!


R.E.A.L. Wellness Goal Sheet:
REAL Goals

Thank you for choosing to get R.E.A.L. with us!  Let’s get you off to a good start, print this form and share with us some of your R.E.A.L. reflections for the coming weeks.  Be certain to email it to when completed.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Get your Goals Set for 2015:
Goal 2015 Worksheet

Everyone knows how to set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal but this sheet helps you take it one step further in order to create success.  Use this tool as a way to appreciate the factors that need to be considered when setting an attainable goal for the year.  Attainable should be small, even if the larger picture is the true goal.  Small steps lead to success, so begin today with your first small step and revisit our printable resource as many times as needed until your larger goal has been achieved along The WAY to Healthy Living!

Holiday Recipe:
Pomegranate – Avacado Salsa

Home made chips

One of our favorite recipes shared with us along The WAY.  Make a statement for your next holiday party with this shared recipe.


Weight Loss Success Tool Printable:
Weekly meal planner

If you want to have success in your journey to weight management or simply healthy eating, you need to have a great tool that will be the roadmap.  Without a plan, you can be easily derailed.  The WAY to Healthy Living has provided this free printable along with simple tips for making it fun.


Your WAY to Financial Wellness Printable:
Monthly Budget Sheet

Wellness is a comprehensive approach to all facets of life, including financial.  Take time to use this resource to gain a better perspective on where you are currently and begin to plan on the simple steps that can be taken to move forward positively.  The WAY to Healthy Living through it’s collaborative resources provides a comprehensive approach to wellness, including all facets of every day living.


Get back on Track with your Food:
WAY through the Week

The best WAY to get back on track with eating or to develop a good gameplan for the changes that are needed is to “track” your way through one week and then reflect.  Utilize this resource to reflect, revamp and succeed!



All Things that Holidays Bring Workshop Printable:
The WAY through the Holidays

Created to help you manage the stress of the holiday weeks by tracking/planning your days, and then reflecting on how or where your were or weren’t successful.