What is a Wellness Coach?

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What is a Wellness Coach?

Many times through the day I am posed with the question, “What do you do for a living?”  After my response, immediately follows “What is a Wellness Coach?”

Each time, I quickly realize that the many individuals who have become my virtual friends and comment each time I see them face to face “I just love your posts” may not realize that this isn’t just something I do in my spare time, it has become my purpose and my career.

The best way in that I describe Wellness Coaching is this.  “Life Coaching with a Wellness Focus.”  Even with that some may be unclear.

“Coaching” is often sought out by someone who desires a greater level of success but just isn’t certain what advice to apply or sometimes how to apply it.  This might pertain to their business, successful relationship desires, monetary security or simply a happier life.  Whatever the reason, they feel that someone else has the tools to help them release what is holding them back.  “Wellness Coaching” is all-encompassing.  It includes a bit of everything and focuses entirely on your ability to gain an optimal quality of living within your individual life, whatever that means to you.  This could mean professional development, improving communication skills, learning to let go of the things that hold you back from realizing success or it could simply mean learning how to incorporate a “functional” way of living so that you can be healthier or improve your physical abilities.  “After all Wellness isn’t just about Diet and Exercise.”  

Working with individuals one on one, in a group setting or even in leadership and wellness based workshops within corporate settings, I am your biggest cheerleader and fan.

Why is that, without even knowing you?

Because combined with my education and the experience of a life full of obstacles that I have personally overcome.  I know that if I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT.  The internet and the “fad” approach to wellness has really put a lot of information at your fingertips but finding what it is that you can incorporate into a lifestyle will be the key to sustainability.  Finding what works for you is difficult and frustrating but having someone to motivate you to find the internal inspiration you need to sort it all out, now that’s awesome!

That, my friends, is the reward to being a Wellness Coach.  Witnessing the sustainability of life changes that didn’t cause tremendous pain to incorporate.  If you would like to learn more, your first consultation is always a “No Obligation” appointment.  Feel free to reach out at 814-450-6841.

The WAY to Healthy Living is a mobile resource for motivating steps towards optimal wellness.  We have a comprehensive approach to corporate wellness with dynamic presentations and support, provide group coaching services for weight management and fitness goals and meet one on one with individuals who are seeking a better quality of life.   The approach is based upon The Bread N’ Butter of Wellness© which incorporates the five major components of wellness as it applies to you.